Valerie Chiltonsmith (Tyne Tees)

Valerie Chiltonsmith (Tyne Tees)

Valerie enjoyed 15 years in TV broadcasting, freelancing with ITV as a reporter/presenter and an associate producer. Working on a TV series exploring psychological issues, she was involved in interviewing psychologists, psychiatrists and patients. This proved a pivotal point for her and she left broadcasting in 1993 to train with the Healing Trust whilst simultaneously training in counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

In 1996 she became a Tutor for the Healing Trust and co-founded the Maidstone Healing Centre. In 2008 she moved to the Tyne Tees area where she works as a healer and meditation teacher and workshop leader.

“It’s my joy to introduce others to the world of energy through healing and teaching,” she says. “As we live through deeply uncertain times, I feel that healing has never been more needed or more relevant as people struggle to make sense of their lives and search for greater meaning.”

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