Tonia Garrett

Tonia Garrett (Middlesex)

Tonia is an experienced healer and accredited BACP counsellor and clinical supervisor with over 20 years experience. She runs her own private therapy practice and manages a bereavement counselling service at NHS Harlington Hospice in Middlesex. She is also an independent therapist for a number of care homes and charities.

“Initially I began a career working in marketing/administration, but found that I wanted to do something more ‘worthwhile’ and follow up on a natural interest for holistic medicine,” she says. “I was particularly interested in the effects of the emotions / mind and the spirit / body connection so began training in massage and aromatherapy. I soon realised that much of my work was about listening and allowing healing space, so counselling became an integral part of my training. I am very passionate about my work and enjoy being part of a client’s healing journey however that takes place.”

For Tonia, healing is a natural extension to her established practice.

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