Suzanne Beer

Suzanne Beer (Kent)


Based in Canterbury, Suzi is a truly gifted natural healer and excellent communicator. She has worked at centres in London and Kent and now works alongside me at many of my healing circles around the country.

Suzi was for many years a teacher with adults for whom access to education was difficult. Professionally she mentored other teachers, wrote courses, advised parents, and coached. She has a daughter who suffers from autism which led her to become a specialist signer and lecturer in Speech and Language. Having worked extensively with adults with autism she found it necessary to go beyond spoken language which brought her to a far greater awareness of energies.

“When working with students in distress, I would feel my hands tingling,” she says. “In my view, healing is about love and compassion. Many healers have had hard lives – we are all in it together.”

With a background in counselling, Suzi has a great sense of humour and unlimited compassion and empathy for those in need. As a healer she has helped patients with a wide range of problems from cancer to anxiety.

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