Claire Gardner

Claire Gardner (Hampshire)


Claire has been involved in healing for 18 years, working with patients at The Cromwell Hospital in London, The Phyliss Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham and The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Surrey. She also has a job within the NHS where she recruits senior Board Members.

“In 2005, I lost my Mum to an aggressive brain tumour. It taught me a valuable lesson that to be a channel for healing doesn’t mean it is a cure but that it can be of considerable comfort to a dying person,” she says. “After my Mum passed, I arranged Charity Therapy Days for Southampton Neurological Hospital and raised funds for their important work.”

Claire helps people with various conditions from depression and anxiety to cancer and she also helps others who are not necessarily ill but just need to reconnect with themselves. She also runs her own workshops.

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