Charlotte Newman

Charlotte has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over five years and started a very professional YouTube channel, “TalkingCalm”, just over a year ago. She’s also planning a podcast series to help people find the healing journey that is right for them.

“I’m passionate about sharing and introducing people to mindfulness and meditation, and the power we have over our bodies and minds. I want to introduce people to their own ability to heal – physically, mentally and spiritually”, she says.

Currently in her final year of a degree at the University of Cambridge in Human, Social and Political Sciences, her dissertation is entitled “Can Meditation Practices Ever Be Political?” She’s exploring different variants of meditation, the intended/unintended consequences of the act of meditation, and addressing how we think of the ‘political’.

“I plan to complete a masters degree in the Philosophy of Religion, with my research thesis centred on Buddhist contemplative practices and whether there are aspects of reality that can only be experienced through the cessation of ‘self’ as an individual bounded entity”, she explains. “I would like to further explore what these experiences could mean for identity, the ‘self’ in relation to others, and what this could mean in the world when dealing with political conflict.”

I couldn’t have done that at Charlotte’s age and I’m extremely impressed! 

Here are the links to her YouTube and Facebook page:

YouTube: UCeYZB54YTxPmDslkeMlg0xA