I am often asked if I can recommend other local healers and this is the purpose of my Healing Hub. I am happy to recommend any of these healers. Each has completed a comprehensive two-year training with The Healing Trust – Britain’s foremost healing organisation/charity of which I am a Patron – and is fully qualified, experienced and insured.

I know them all personally. Most have come from other professional backgrounds and are compassionate, empathetic and kind, level-headed and straightforward. Many are also qualified in other areas of healthcare such as counselling.

You won’t find any ‘woo-woo’ language or ideas in my work and you won’t find it with my Healing Hub colleagues either! Our aim is to be down-to-earth and professional at all times.

For many years I have enjoyed working alongside a loose network of specialist doctors and consultants who are open to healing and the mind/body connection. My Healing Hub healers also have access through me to these doctors.

Matthew Manning